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Fringe Benefit Rates

Information about faculty and staff fringe benefit rates for grants or research projects.

All budgets submitted to extramural sponsors must contain an item for all associated fringe benefit costs. 

Wisconsin Statutes Sec. 20.865 requires that fringe benefits applicable to salaries and wages paid from grant funds shall be charged to such grant funds. Fringe benefits are a real cost to the institution, whether the financial support is from general or program revenue sources. Thus, all budgets submitted to extramural sponsors must contain an item for all associated fringe benefit costs.

  • For some awards from UW System Funds (Fund 102, 115 or 190 accounts): Fringe benefits will be charged at actual cost. The negotiated fringe benefit rates below may not apply to UW System grants. For more information, proposers should consult with Bob Roberts (ext. 3215) or Jenny Borgman (ext. 3219) when developing the proposal budget.
  • For all awards from federal, state (non-UW System) and private sponsors (Fund 133 or 144 accounts): For ease of administration, UW System annually provides fringe benefit rates by category of employee. When assessing fringe benefit costs to an extramural account, the rates in effect for the current fiscal year must be applied to the actual salary amount expended regardless of the rates funded by the sponsor or the actual costs of fringe benefits for any specific employee.

The FY 2014-15 fringe benefits rates (effective 7/1/14) are as follows:

  • Faculty/Academic Staff: 56.5%
  • Classified Staff: 79%
  • Limited Term Employee (LTE): 65%
  • Project,Teaching, and Research Assistants: 25.65%
  • Research Associates and Interns 25.65%
  • Ad Hoc Program Specialists & Undergrad Assts 22.19%
  • Student Employees: 4.57%
  • Post-Doc: 7.65%
  • Note: Fringe benefits are IN ADDITION TO the salary or wages charged to your grant. They are set by UW System and can change annually at the start of a new fiscal year, July 1st. They are assessed to your grant monthly, by the 10th day of the following month. For example, wages charged in March will have fringes assessed by April 10th. They will be dated March 30 in the accounting records on WISDM.
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