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Accepting a Grant Award

Information about accepting a research or grant award.

Award Notification

Once a proposal has been reviewed and recommended for funding, the sponsor’s program official will often notify the Principal Investigator (PI) directly. Such preliminary or informal advice may precede official notification by as much as several months. Because scientific or program approval does not always guarantee funding, no work may be initiated or costs incurred until the sponsor’s official written notification is received and accepted by the University.

When you receive an award notification, it must be forwarded to Bob Roberts, Director, Office of Grants and Faculty Development. This office is responsible for entering awards into the University financial accounting system and notifying investigators of the terms and conditions of their awards.


The acceptance of an award, once official notification has been received, represents a formal obligation by the University; therefore the PI, Office of Grants and Faculty Development, and the Risk Manager must review the provisions of each offer before acceptance. The PI should ascertain that the scope of work and budget are consistent with his or her proposal and review the schedule for reporting progress or other deliverables.

Award Acceptance

Award documents that require a signature for acceptance are to be signed by an authorized University official. This is Tom Sonnleitner, Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services. The PI may not make commitments on the behalf of the University.

Award Announcement

Your grant will also be reported, as required, to the University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents. A news release will be issued per your request. The Office of Grants and Faculty Development will write an announcement for the online publication UW Oshkosh Today.

Work Can Begin

Once the award documents are signed and accepted by the authorized University official, you may begin work on your project.

Your next steps may include establishing an account, making budget revisions or hiring personnel.

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