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Volume VII Article Submissions

Below are Oshkosh Scholar submissions from authors who successfully completed a rigorous editing and review process. The submissions are examples of teaching and learning that have moved beyond the classroom setting. Those marked with an asterisk will appear in the print edition, which will be available in late 2012.



File "The Missouri Compromise: Opinions through U.S. Newspapers," by Britney Deruchowski
File "The Use of Injunctions in Post-World War I-Era: A Case Study of the 1920 Oshkosh Trunk Company Strike ," by Lucas Simonis
File "Vindicator or Villain? The Effect of Teacher Unions on Student Performance," by Alex Schoenbeck
File "What Determines Real Estate Prices on the West Coast," by Andrew Messer
File "Without the Fairy Godmother," by Jackie Morrow
File "Young Earth Creationism: An Evolution of Myth," by Kevin Buskager
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