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Volume VII Article Submissions

Below are Oshkosh Scholar submissions from authors who successfully completed a rigorous editing and review process. The submissions are examples of teaching and learning that have moved beyond the classroom setting. Those marked with an asterisk will appear in the print edition, which will be available in late 2012.



File "Attempts to Shine the Progressive Beacon on Women’s Inheritance Rights in Wisconsin," by Kyle Moerchen
File "Conflict-related Sexual Violence against Women in the Democratic Republic of the Congo," by Ross Bartelt
File "Death of an Organizational Man: An Advertiser’s Resistance to the FTC and the Creative Revolution in Advertising in the 1960s," by Lance Spaude
File "Dividing and Unifying: The Response to the Emancipation Proclamation," by Aaron Raschke
File "Don't Criticize Me Buddy: The Kingston Trio and the Folk Music Revival," by Jordan King
File "Double Business Majors and Employment at Graduation," by Krista Lynch
File "Dr. Hania Ris’s Contribution to Wisconsin’s Contraceptive Legislation," by Matt Boese
File "E-waste Awareness and Practices among Wisconsin Businesses and Institutions," by Korin Franklin
File "Emotional Expressivity Between the United States and Brazil," by Peter Truell, Branden Boegh, Andre Luna, and Larissa Tranquilli
File "For the Defense of Russia: Analyzing the Weakening and Fall of the Russian Imperial Army's Officer Corps," by Aaron Benson
File "Migrant Tejano Laborers in Wisconsin between 1950 and 1970: Effects of an Exclusionary New Deal," by Sarah Scott
File "Misconception of Greatness: The Case of Theodore Roosevelt," by Dejan Adzic
File "Motorcycles are Dangerous: A Look at the Determinants of Motorcycle Fatalities," by John Podoll
File "No 'New Morality': Wisconsin Conservative Communities’ Fight against Sex Education, 1969," by Alexander Fhlug
File "Pre-Columbian Mesoamerican and Caribbean Ballgames: An Example of Cultural Diffusion," by Gregory Schultz
File "Premeditated Causes of the 2002 Gujarat Pogrom: A Comprehensive Analysis of Contributing Factors that Led to the Manifestation of the Riots," by Tracy Wilichowski
File "Scientific Illustration: One Undergraduate’s Experience," by Katherine Habanek
File "Single-Sex Education in Wisconsin," by Sara O'Connell
File "Strengthening the Body and Mind Through Ballet," by Melissa Crane
File "The Effects of Anteroposterior Joint Mobilizations on Ankle Dorsiflexion Range of Motion," by Sara Blindauer and Chelsie Hogan
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