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Volume V Article Submissions

Authors of the following Oshkosh Scholar submissions successfully completed a rigorous editing and review process. The submissions are examples of teaching and learning that has moved beyond the classroom setting. Articles indicated with an * were accepted for publication in Oshkosh Scholar. Print copies of Oshkosh Scholar are available in the Polk Library entryway or Dempsey 214.

Title Size
File Gender Quotas: The Right for Argentina, a Good Idea for Latin America by Amy Gearhart* 160.5 kB
File Healing the Feminine Mind/Body Split through Spiritual Performance by Chelsea Ruff* 67.5 kB
File Human Rights as Presidential Success: The Truman Era by Hope Schuhart* 187.9 kB
File James Madison: A Tale of Two Presidencies by Derek Daron* 42.3 kB
File Lou Gehrig’s “Farewell to Baseball” Address: Setting the Stage for a Genre by Garret Pelischek 57.0 kB
File Maggi Cage’s 1985 “Bread and Roses” Press Conference: A Rhetorical Response to Abortion Clinic Violence by Lesley Shreves 149.3 kB
File Plato, the Other, and the Freedom to Love by Steven Mischler* 54.0 kB
File Public Relations' Role within Division III Collegiate Competition: How Should Coaches Focus Their Restricted Resources to Better Use PR? by Jordan Clark-Mand 64.2 kB
File Social Networking Sites: A Branding Strategy for Local Television Stations by Kari Cassidy 62.4 kB
File Studying Complex Star-Forming Fields: Rosette Nebula and Monoceros Loop by Chris Hathaway and Anthony Kuchera* 50.5 kB
File The Benefits and Limitations of Pet Therapy for People with Dementia by Audrey Cowling* 80.7 kB
File The Massacre at Acre -- Mark of a Blood-thirsty King? by Jared Stroik* 49.0 kB
File Trade and Poverty in the Developing World by Dayna J. Sanchez Vinueza* 60.8 kB
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