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Volume IV Article Submissions

Authors of the following Oshkosh Scholar submissions successfully completed a rigorous editing and review process. The submissions are examples of teaching and learning that has moved beyond the classroom setting. Articles indicated with an * were accepted for publication in Oshkosh Scholar.

Title Size
File What Determines the S&P500? by Anthony Diercks 165.8 kB
File Global Capitalism in Oryx and Crake by Beth Irwin* 172.2 kB
File Finding Ramsey Numbers Using BOINC by Nick Peterson 213.7 kB
File Sexual Acceptance and Female Role Models in Sapphire's Push by Jennifer Blaha 171.3 kB
File Karl Liebknecht, Willy Brandt, and German Socialism by Seth Breunig* 215.3 kB
File Content Analysis of Online Commenters on Sexism in the 2008 Presidential Campaign by Kathryn Gruber* 198.9 kB
File The Early Black Press and Social Obligation to Abolish Slavery by Amanda Hernandez* 183.0 kB
File The Effects of Promotions on Attendance at Major League Baseball Games by Amanda Schoenrock* 151.0 kB
File Global Gene Expressionin Cyanobacterial Electron Transfer Mutants by George L. Weir IV and Kraig Short* 603.2 kB
File The Correlation Between Happiness and Inequality by Kiley Williams 152.4 kB
File The Puzzle of U.N. Peacekeeping by Paul Beach 155.1 kB
File The Internet as Utopia: Reality, Virtuality, and Politics by Joshua Cowles* 192.7 kB
File Confidence and Legitimization: The Role of the Protestant Church in Fostering Opposition in the GDR by Craig Lakatos* 198.3 kB
File Understanding Unemployment Rates in U.S. Metropolitan Areas by Krista Newell* 228.6 kB
File The Power Complex: The WSU System's Response to Dissent in the Late 1960s by Anthony Pietsch* 202.4 kB
File Measurement and Comparison of Motion-Dependent Force Outputs in Boxing by Jake Pichelmeyer 159.1 kB
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