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Previous Volumes of Oshkosh Scholar

Previous Volumes of Oshkosh Scholar.

Click a link below to download a pdf of a previous edition of Oshkosh Scholar. You can also see all of the edited submissions for each year, as well as many of the cover concepts, designed by UW Oshkosh students, which were chosen as finalists for the publication.

You can also access the published articles online at MINDS@uw, the University of Wisconsin's Digital Collections Center. Or, a listing of Oshkosh Scholar articles by discipline is available here.

Final Publication
Cover Concepts

All Edited 2014 Submissions
2014 Cover Finalist Gallery
Oshkosh Scholar 2013 (pdf, 6.61 MB)
All Edited 2013 Submissions
2013 Cover Finalist Gallery
Oshkosh Scholar 2012 (pdf, 1.6 MB)
All Edited 2012 Submissions
2012 Cover Finalist Gallery
Oshkosh Scholar 2011 (pdf, 5.1 MB) All Edited 2011 Submissions  2011 Cover Finalist Gallery 
Oshkosh Scholar 2010 (pdf, 2.5 MB)
All Edited 2010 Submissions
2010 Cover Finalist Gallery
Oshkosh Scholar 2009 (pdf, 4.8 MB) All Edited 2009 Submissions
2009 Cover Finalist Gallery
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