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Information, procedures and documents for submitting work to the Oshkosh Scholar.

Submit your manuscript for publication in Oshkosh Scholar! Getting published will:

  • add flair to your résumé so you stand out from other undergraduate students

  • make an impressive addition to your portfolio

  • increase your chance of acceptance to graduate school

  • demonstrate to potential employers your ability to communicate complex ideas.

The early submission deadline is Jan. 31, 2014 (your submission may have a better chance of getting published when you submit it early). The regular submission deadline has been extended to June 23, 2014, for the upcoming issue. Manuscripts are accepted up to June 23, 2014, for publication in the 2014 issue. We will accept manuscripts anytime for subsequent issues.

Submission Process Overview

  1. After reviewing the Guidelines & Evaluation Criteria, submit your Oshkosh Scholar Cover Page Form along with your manuscript in Microsoft® Word format. (See the Oshkosh Scholar Style Guide for specifics on formatting.) You will need to submit both a hard copy and an electronic copy of both your Oshkosh Scholar submission and your cover page. (The electronic copy of the cover page does not need to be signed.) Send the electronic copies to Hard copies go to the Office of Grants and Faculty Development, Dempsey 214. Thanks!
  2. The editing and review process begins in summer. You will be responsible for incorporating suggestions from the editorial board and faculty reviewers into your final draft, unless the changes will alter what you are trying to convey. The suggestions will be discussed during meetings with you, your faculty mentor and the editorial board.
  3. All authors who have been chosen by the Oshkosh Scholar Selection Committee to have their work published and who have successfully completed the editing and review process will have their manuscripts published on the Oshkosh Scholar website.
  4. Submissions for the print publication are also chosen by the Selection Committee. 
  5. The final print publication is available during the spring semester. Each student author published in Oshkosh Scholar will receive two complimentary copies of the journal. Each student will receive an e-mail message when the journals are ready for pickup from the Office of Grants and Faculty Development. These students will also be invited to the Provost's reception after Celebration of Scholarship. 


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