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Registration Information

To register for Celebration of Scholarship:

  1. Write an abstract describing your project using the following abstract guidelines.
    1. All entries must include an abstract. The abstract should briefly describe your project including methods and results, as appropriate.
    2. The abstract should be written such that it can be readily interpreted by an audience outside your discipline and be no more than 200 words (you will be asked to edit your abstract if it does not meet the 200-word limit).
  2. Complete and sign the submission form.
  3. Give your signed form and typed abstract to your faculty sponsor for signature approval. Be sure that your faculty adviser reads and approves your abstract before you submit it to the Office of Grants and Faculty Development.
  4. Return the completed form and a hard copy of your abstract, and also e-mail your abstract by March 3, 2014. Send the form and a hard copy of your abstract to Susan Surendonk, Office of Grants and Faculty Development, Dempsey 214, and e-mail the abstract (in the subject line, type “C of S”) to Be sure to double-check your abstract for proper punctuation and spelling. Please format as follows:
      • "Title of your project" in quotation marks on the first line.
      • List all student and faculty co-author(s) followed by the degree or department on the second line. Indicate student author(s) by placing an asterisk next to each name.
      • List your adviser's name and department in bold face on the third line.
      • Body of your abstract (no more than 200 words).

You will receive confirmation of your presentation time and location in early April.

The day of the event, please check in before your presentation at the registration table outside Reeve Memorial Union Ballroom 227.

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