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Oshkosh Scholar

Information about Oshkosh Scholar, the UW Oshkosh undergraduate research journal.

A Journal of Undergraduate Discoveries

Oshkosh Scholar, the UW Oshkosh undergraduate research journal, is a collaborative effort between students and faculty at UW Oshkosh. Students are involved in editing and production coordination, and faculty review articles through a blind review process.

"As one of my best students put it, having his research published would be "beyond the reward of an 'A'." Good students are used to getting good grades; they are not used to seeing their research efforts in print. Oshkosh Scholar is a perfect showcase for them." ~Tracy Slagter, Oshkosh Scholar 2008-2011 faculty adviser

Enrolled UW Oshkosh students and recent graduates are eligible to submit their scholarly and creative works to Oshkosh Scholar. Scholarly and creative works include:

  • Independent study projects
  • Honors theses
  • Undergraduate Student/Faculty Collaborative Research projects
  • Other faculty-mentored undergraduate research or scholarship
  • Creative work, if accompanied by a scholarly essay explaining the work*

Recent UW Oshkosh graduates can submit work that they completed as undergraduates for up to one year after graduation. While the author may have graduated from UW Oshkosh by the time of publication, the work must have been completed while the author was enrolled as an undergraduate student at UW Oshkosh. Oshkosh Scholar does not accept submissions that are term papers or literature reviews.

Print copies of Oshkosh Scholar are available in the Polk Library entryway or Dempsey 214.

Oshkosh Scholar is an annual publication. It is jointly funded by the Differential Tuition Program and the Provost's Office.

*Creative work includes musical scores, non-fiction creative writing, visual art, poetry or fiction, but only if accompanied by a scholarly essay or analysis to explain the work. For example, the essay could explain the inspiration for a painting and an explanation of the medium used. Creative work not accompanied by a scholarly essay or analysis, or work that would be more appropriate for publication in Wisconsin Review, will not be accepted.

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We are currently updating our guidelines and process for the upcoming 2015 issue. We will update our website as soon as possible. If you have any questions regarding guidelines, the process, or how to submit, please email us at