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Student/Faculty Collaborative Small Grant Award 2012-2013

First Name Last Name Project Name Department Faculty Adviser
AASCU/GRC Proposal Dev. Workshop Linda Freed Office of Grants & Faculty Development
Andrea Felton CpcB Knockout Mutation in Synechococcus PCC 7002 Cyanobacteria Biology & Microbiology Toivo Kallas
Matthew Hiebing Electron Microprobe Study of Intraflow Variations in Basalts Exposed in the Poison Lake Chain, Lassen Volcanic Center, California Geology Jennifer Wenner
Sarah Keaton Exploration of previous models, using CAD programs Art Andrew Redington
Krista Kroeninger Biogeochemical Processes in Marine Sediments Associated with the Peru Margin Oceanic Upwelling System Geology Eric Hiatt
Natalie Kubicek Trifold Assessment and Early Childhood Development College of Education & Human Services Louis Chicquette
Audrey Riechers Metaphor Through Material Art Michael Beitz
Melanie Boone Millennial-scale fire history from Little Cultis Lake, Central Cascades, Oregon Geography & Urban Planning Colin Long
Paige Courtney Linking Changes in Climate to Changes in Sedimentation Patterns Within Playa Wetlands Geography & Urban Planning Mark Bowen
Vanessa Jagodinsky Advanced Rubber Mold Making and Casting for Sculpture Art Michael Beitz
Thomas Kuborn Purchase of a Standard for Carotenoid Identification Chemistry Kevin Crawford
Natalie Murray Quantitative Textual Analysis of Plutonic Systems Geology Chad Deering
Tammy Nisbet The Role of Deinococcus Species in the Fox River Biology & Microbiology Sabrina Mueller-Spitz
Fauzia Osman Antibacterial Screening of Medicinal Plants Biology & Microbiology Teri Shors
Brandon Brummeyer An Engineered Consortium of Cyanobacteria for Efficient Isoprene Synthesis Biology & Microbiology Toivo Kallas
Ryan Conklin Seasonal mitochondrial activity in the retina of an obligate hibernator Biology & Microbiology Dana Merriman
Amanda Doherty Chemical and Biological Alteration of the Tropical Land Snail Poecilozonites Geology Eric Hiatt
Elizabeth Bannenberg CAD to Completion: Transformation of Digitally Rendered Furniture to Reality Art Andrew Redington
Robert Brooks Quantification of T-Cell Co-Receptors in the Intestine of Hibernating Ground Squirrels Biology & Microbiology Courtney Kurtz
Joseph Knafelc Caldera Forming Magmatism: Crystal Accumulation in Larger, Upper Crustal Silicic Magma Chambers Geology Chad Deering
Phillip Nickols Reliability of Using Mobile Applications to Measure Balance Kinesiology Robert Sipes
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