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Student/Faculty Collaborative Small Grant Award 2010-2011

First Name Last Name Project Name Department Faculty Adviser
AASCU/GRC Proposal Dev. Workshop Linda Freed Office of Grants & Faculty Development
Bryan Ernst The Glover Bluff Sctuture: A Possible Impact Feature Exposed in the Mid-continent Cambro-ordovician Strata of Central Wisconsin Geology Tim Paulsen
Katherine Habanek A Comparative Survey of Proboscis Morphology in the Tiger Moth Biology & Microbiology Jennifer Zaspel
Abigail Knoll Characterization of Silver Ion and Silver Nanoparticle Resistance in Freshwater Bacteria Biology & Microbiology Sabrina Mueller-Spitz
Jaime Castillo Inhibitory Effects of Punica granatum Extracts on Vaccinia Virus Biology & Microbiology Teri Shores (Biology & Microbiology) & Brant Kedrowski (Chemistry)
Stacey Coy Phylogeny of Tiger Moth Subtribe Phaegopterina (Lepidoptera: Erebidae: Actiinae) Based on Molecular Data Biology & Microbiology Jannifer Zaspel
Kenneth Toson Investigation of Iron-sulfer Proteins of Photosynthesis by Genetic Modification of the Cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 Biology & Microbiology Toivo Kallas
Sarah Jeffrey Regolith Weathering of the Earaheedy Basin: Geochemical Analysis of a Lateritic Topoprofile in Western Australia Geology Eric Hiatt
Benjamin Rosandick Mineralogy and Metamorphism of Banded Iron Formation in the 2.6 Billion-Year-Old Hamersly Basin, Australia Geology Eric Hiatt
Katheryn Baez Access to and Socio-economic Considerations of Dental Care in Wisconsin-Part II Chemistry Arlene Haffa
Abigail Brooks Quantitative Measurement of Interleukin (IL)-10 in Colons of Hibernators Biology & Microbiology Courtney Kurtz
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