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Student/Faculty Collaborative Undergraduate Research Award 2008-2009

First Name Last Name Project Name Department Faculty Adviser
AASCU/GRC Proposal Dev. Workshop Linda Freed Office of Grants & Faculty Development
Andrew Jansen Evaluation of a Possible Change from ARC to Back-ARC Associated Volcanism in the Neoarchean Ely Greenstone Formation, NE Minnesota Geology George Hudak
Peter Christensen Development of Enantiomer Separation Methods for the Chiral Molecule Cacalol Chemistry Brant Kedrowski
Aaryn Mustoe Novel Laboratory Synthesis of the Natural Product Aspermgrin Chemistry Samuel David
Virginia Pliska Estimating the Optimal Reserve Price for Wisconsin State Forestry Auctions Economics M. Ryan Haley
Chan Vang Beyond the Refugee Experience Art Li Hu
Jason Busse Automating the Investigation of the Evolutionary Changes in Genomes Computer Science Wing Huen
Nicholas Peterson A Heuristic Approach to Finding Ramsey Numbers Computer Science Tom Naps
Anthony Pietsch A Tale of Two Cities: Oshkosh, Milwaukee, and the Politics of Race in Wisconsin During the 1960s History Stephen Kercher
Michael Schuh Understanding How Explicit Versus Implicit Citations Differ Computer Science Robert Ball
Ryan Dhillon Petrographic Evaluation of a Permian-Triassic Erosion Surface and Implication for Causes of the End-Permian Extinction Geology Dan Lehrmann
Rebecca Zink A Voice for the Voiceless: A Portrait of Childhood in Matute's Short Stories Foreign Languages & Literature Elena Gonzalez-Muntaner
Marshall Scorcio Designing Systems That Gain Public Trust: An E-Voting Platform Prototype Computer Science Kathy Faggiani
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