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Student/Faculty Collaborative Undergraduate Research Award 2007-2008

First Name Last Name Project Name Department Faculty Adviser
AASCU/GRC Proposal Dev. Workshop Linda Freed Office of Grants & Faculty Development
Rachelle Kernen Caught Between Two Tectonic Environments: A Geochemical Study of Source and Magma Modification Processes at Mount Lassen, California Geology Jennifer Wenner
Erik Koepnick The Assertion of the Idea of Slavery as Appers in the Matthean Pericope of the Healing of the Centurion's Slave Religious Studies & Anthropology Kathleen Corley
Vicki Miller Alive: A Figurative Study on Individuals Living with HIV/AIDS, a Challenge on Current Perceptions of the Disease in Today's Society Art Donald Stolley
Bryan Schwebke Effects of Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation on 10-M Sprint, T-Test and Reaction Time Kinesiology Dan Schmidt
Jason Wentworth Sorting out Sorting: The Interactive Sequel Computer Science Tom Naps
Anthony Sartorelli Ancient Volcanic Vent Identification Using Volcanic Facies Mapping Geology George Hudak
David Flagel The Influence of Height on Seed Removal Rate in a Tropical Forest Biology & Microbiology Gregory Adler
Luke Garceau Effects of Static Stretching on a 10-Meter-Sprint, T-Test and Reaction Time Kinesiology Leigh Ann Mrotek
Elizabeth Graham Gender, Culture and GDP Contributions Economics Marianne Johnson
Stephanie Loehr Atmospheric Change and Mycorrhizal Fungi Biology & Microbiology Stephen Bentivenga
Cassilyn Rhodes The Effectiveness of Classroom Response Systems in Engaging Students Economics Denise Robson
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