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Conference and Professional Development Grants Letter of Interest Due: Dec. 27, 2013

UW System has announced an opportunity for funding to support UW institutional efforts to advance the Growth Agenda for Wisconsin. Please note that this request for projects is focused only on the Conference and Professional Development grants (CPDG) and not on the Institutional Change initiative. Funding for proposals within the CPDG category will justify costs needed to support a national, regional, statewide meeting or conference that will focus on topics aligned with the Growth Agenda for Wisconsin and of critical importance to UW institutions. Projects must support the professional development of faculty and/or staff, and priority will be given to activities that demonstrate connections to other institutional and/or Systemwide initiatives. However, funding is not available to send faculty and staff to conferences outside the UW System or to pay for lodging and travel for faculty and staff attending CPDG-sponsored events.
A required letter of interest is due to Robert Roberts in the Office of Grants and Faculty Development on Friday, December 27, at 4:30 p.m. The letter should include a project summary of no more than two paragraphs. All project ideas have value and the office will review your idea and contact you to assist you with the development of a full proposal. Please submit your letter of interest to
For more information, please refer to the Request for Proposals (see the "Conference and Professional Development Grants" section that begins on page 4):
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