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Student/Faculty Collaborative Research & Creative Exploration

Home page for Student Research & Creative Exploration: a service of the Office of Grants and Faculty Development.

Research is for students in any academic discipline who want to experience hands-on learning. Often with the guidance of a faculty adviser or mentor, student research is asking a new question and seeking the answer by conducting investigative inquiry outside of the classroom.

Get Credit or Get Paid

You may be able to get college credit or get paid for doing research through work-study, internships or a collaborative research grant. Just ask your professor if there are opportunities like this available in his or her department or area of study.

Learn more about and apply for a Student/Faculty Collaborative Research Grant.

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Student research is, "An inquiry or investigation conducted by a student that makes an original, intellectual, or creative contribution to the discipline." (CUR Web site)

Get Involved

To get involved in a research project:

  • Visit UW Oshkosh department websites to look for available research projects or internships.
  • Talk to your professors about research opportunities. Many professors have topics they are interested in researching and can use your help.
  • If you have a research idea, ask a professor you enjoy working with to be your adviser/mentor. Check out our Featured Scholars for ideas and topics of previous research and creative projects.

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