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For Instructional Academic Staff

The following programs are available for UW Oshkosh Instructional Academic Staff. If you are applying for any of these programs, please be sure to read that programs section in the Faculty Development Fund Handbook (.pdf) to ensure that you've satisfied all of the application requirements.

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Faculty College is an in-service educational program that allows faculty and instructional academic staff members to: offer programs, courses or other educational experiences to their colleagues; arranges for experts from outside the University to make presentations; or engage in intensive, short-term work with UW Oshkosh faculty and academic staff members.
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The Research Component provides opportunities for faculty and staff to grow as scholars and, in turn, benefit the University's students by improving the quality of their academic experience and by providing opportunities for faculty/student collaborative research. In addition, the Research Component will help the University respond to the growing needs of the community and region for research consultation and problem solving.
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The Academic Staff Professional Development Component provides auxiliary support to both instructional and non-instructional academic staff for active participation in activities that: teach skills needed for changing needs and roles, enhance career goals, improve program quality and help the University fulfill its mission and goals. Appropriate projects could include attendance at conferences or workshops to acquire specific skills or knowledge, a staff exchange or internship that requires an extended period of involvement or participation in structured learning settings at other institutions or agencies. Approved projects will be funded up to $1,500 to cover registration fees, travel, housing and other reasonable expenses.
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The Small Grants Program provides faculty and academic staff up to $750 per fiscal year per individual to complete or develop a project (teaching, research or for preparation of an extramural grant). Funds may be requested on short notice for items such as: travel to collection or funding sources, student assistants, survey duplication, postage, database searches or supplies.
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The Teaching Component's primary objective is to improve proposer's teaching effectiveness. Projects are expected to: present substantial new professional challenges to proposers (e.g. pedagogical issues or knowledge or skills acquisition); relate directly to current or planned UW Oshkosh courses and programs; produce tangible evidence of professional development (e.g., preparation of new teaching materials, methods or courses or conference papers and publications).
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Updates & Deadlines


Faculty Development Proposal Deadlines


Here are the Faculty Development Proposal Deadlines:

9/9/16: Sabbatical proposals due to Dean's Office

9/14/16: Sabbatical proposals due to Office of Grants and Faculty Development (OGFD)

10/19/16: Faculty Development Fund Research and Teaching proposals due to OGFD for pre-reading


12/1/16: Research and Teaching proposals due to Dean Offices


12/5/16: Research and Teaching proposals due to OGFD



Academic Staff Component Suspended until further notice