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Research Awards

Project Name First Name Last Name Department
AASCU/GRC Proposal Dev. Workshop Linda Freed Office of Grants & Faculty Development
Immigrant Adaptation, Health Service Juyeon Son Sociology
Origins of French Renaissance Tragedy Andrzej Dziedzic Foreign Languages & Literature
Effects of Environment on Breeding Mary Elsbeth McPhee Biology & Microbiology
Long-term Data on Nitrogen Processing Robert Stelzer Biology & Microbiology
Retention of Physician Assistants Anna Filipova Public Affairs
Algorithms to Defend Borders Erik Krohn Computer Science
Injury and Behavior in Horned Dinosaurs Joseph Peterson Geology
E.T. Greenfield as the "Black Swan" Julia Chybowski Music
Medical Care & The Conservative Party Ana Maria Kapelusz-Poppi History
Memoir, Chapter 1+ Laura Jean Baker English
Impact of Forecast Errors in Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment Dattaraj Kamalapurkar College of Business
Lessons to Learn From the Rising Stars Tanvi Kothari College of Business
Nanofibers Doped With Nanoparticles Nenad Stojilovic Physics & Astronomy
Phosphorus and Oceanic Upwelling, Peru Eric Hiatt Geology
Awareness of Justice Standards Anca Miron Psychology
Moderators of Satisfaction-Retention Birgit Leisen Pollack College of Business
Climate and Wisconsin Native Plant Lisa Dorn Biology & Microbiology
How a Course Affects Teaching Practice Ava McCall College of Education & Human Services
Structure in the 2nd Galactic Quadrant Nadejda Kaltcheva Physics & Astronomy
"Wisconsin Soundscapes" on Tour Jeri-Mae Astolfi Music
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Updates & Deadlines


Faculty Development Proposal Deadlines


Here are the Faculty Development Proposal Deadlines:

9/9/16: Sabbatical proposals due to Dean's Office

9/14/16: Sabbatical proposals due to Office of Grants and Faculty Development (OGFD)

10/19/16: Faculty Development Fund Research and Teaching proposals due to OGFD for pre-reading


12/1/16: Research and Teaching proposals due to Dean Offices


12/5/16: Research and Teaching proposals due to OGFD



Academic Staff Component Suspended until further notice