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External Grants Expansion Plan

At least six well-documented facts underscore the need to enhance extramural support of research at UW Oshkosh:

  1. Research informs, invigorates, and is integral to high quality teaching.
  2. Active participation in research provides undergraduates with myriad unique and invaluable hands-on experience not available in the classroom or even laboratory courses.
  3. Research by faculty and staff advances theoretical knowledge and the reputation of those faculty and UW Oshkosh
  4. High quality, state-of-the-art research often requires extraordinary levels of financial support and infrastructure that the University cannot provide without extramural support
  5. Grantwriting and post-award grant management require considerable amounts of time, effort, and institutional support.
  6. Workloads of faculty actively engaged in research can be optimized to allow them to secure additional extramural support, thus making more efficient use of their unique talents and interests to better support local and state economies, the University and the students it serves.

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