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Research on Teaching/SOTL

Getting Started with Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SOTL)

If you're new to SOTL and interested in addressing a teaching and learning challenge with systematic inquiry, the following steps can help you get started with a SOTL project:

  1. Ask learner-centered questions.
  2. Build upon others' work.
  3. Collect the data.
  4. Analyze the evidence.
  5. Share with the public.
  6. Apply your findings.

SOTL Resources

If you are experiencing a teaching and learning challenge, we invite you to use our Teaching Resources section.

You can also check out Vanderbilt University's Center for Teaching site for a general overview and information on SOTL. Vanderbilt's SOTL Guide is also very useful for designing and implementing a SOTL project.

The International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning (ISSOTL) offers programs and publications that can also help you in your SOTL projects or inquiry.

SOTL Research Opportunities

If you need funding, potential SOTL funding is available through many of our professional development opportunities to you as well. 

Publish & Share

If you are searching for a place to publish your SOTL research, explore UW System's list of publication outlets.

If you're a published SOTL scholar, add your information and expertise to the UW System SOTL Database and self-identify as a UW Oshkosh SOTL Scholar.

Scholarship of Teaching & Learning Background

The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning involves systematic inquiry of teaching and learning issues in higher education. SOTL provides synergy among the academic responsibilities of teaching, research and service. Scholars from many disciplines engage in SOTL projects, enhancing student learning and sharing their results. Other passionate best-practice higher educators are committed to using SOTL results in their classrooms, even if they do not conduct SOTL inquiries. Reflective practice and integrated best practice is recommended. This website supports the work of UW Oshkosh SOTL scholars and scholarly teachers by providing connections to resources as well as opportunities for funding, publication and presentation.

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