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Quest II Resources

Quest II Deadlines


Many thanks to those of you who participated in the Quest II workshops in September.  Below you will find a list of syllabus related deadlines.  As always, feel free to contact if you have any questions.

  • September 28-29, 2012:  Quest II Workshops
  • November 5, 2012:  Submit draft syllabi for feedback (optional)
  • January 14, 2013:  Final syllabi due to
  • January 14, 2013:  Final syllabi plus USP forms for Faculty Governance Course review and approval due in Dean's Office

Goals for Quest II Courses

  • Reinforce the outcomes of Quest I courses by continuing conversations about liberal education, campus resources, the USP, and the Signature Questions.
  • Introduce a second Signature Question.
  • Infuse the course with opportunities for Ethical Reasoning, the hallmark of Quest II courses in the USP.
  • Continue to provide a positive, supportive first-year experience for all students.

Quest II Syllabus Checklist


Quest II syllabi are slightly different from the syllabi that were submitted for Quest I.  Please consult this draft checklist as you create your courses to ensure that your syllabus meets Quest II course expectations.

 Quest II DRAFT Syllabus Checklist

Note:  this checklist will be updated to reflect the most current expectations arising out of collaborative workshop and brown bag discussions.

Ethical Reasoning in Quest II


All Quest II courses must introduce students to the basics of ethical reasoning, as noted in the Faculty Senate-approved Quest II Parameters.  What does this mean?

For students to engage in higher-order ethical reasoning later in their academic careers, they must be given an introduction in the early years of their coursework.  Student need an "entry point."  To that end, Quest II courses encourage students to:

1.) Become aware of their own perspectives and the frames of reference they use to make ethical decisions;

2.) Recognize the complexity inherent in ethical decision-making;

3.) Compare and contrast the ethical reasoning of divergent groups or individuals on issues central to course content; and 

4.) Articulate their reasoning.

Ethical Reasoning should not be thought of as a separate topic from the Signature Question; rather, the Signature Question and Ethical Reasoning should work together in each Quest II course. 

Readings and Resources

Check this section frequently for updated resources on ethical reasoning and other sources that may be helpful for you as you prepare to teach your Quest II course.

Writing Student Learning Outcomes:  This document may assist you as you construct student learning outcomes for your course.

Sample Syllabus Language for Ethical Reasoning:  An example of how to talk about Ethical Reasoning in your Quest II syllabus from Robert Wagoner, (Philosophy).

Tone in your Quest II Syllabus:  An example of how to set a welcoming, engaging tone in the syllabus for your Quest II course.

Quest II Teaching Techniques: This document, created in large part by Dr. Heike Alberts (Geography) provides some fresh ideas for incorporating group work and discussion into larger courses.

Quest II Ethical Reasoning VALUE Rubric:  This document, from the AAC&U, is a good starting point for thinking about teaching ethical reasoning.

McKeachie's Ethics of Teaching:  This is Chapter 25 from Wilbert McKeachie and Marilla Svinicki's classic book, McKeachie's Teaching Tips (Wadsworth, 2006).

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy on "Moral Reasoning":  Deeper background reading on ethical reasoning, from a philosopher's resource.

Sample Quest II Syllabi

Many thanks to the instructors who have allowed us to use their syllabi as examples!  

Philosophy 109:  Robert Wagoner (Sustainability SQ)

English 227:  Cary Henson (Sustainability SQ)

History 110:  Michelle Mouton (Civic Learning SQ)

More examples from other Signature Questions coming soon!


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