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Global Learning in College: Cross-Cutting Capacities for 21st-Century College Students

A Network for Academic Renewal Conference

October 16–18, 2014
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Proposals Due Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Association of American Colleges and Universities is pleased to announce the Call for Proposals for the Global Learning in College conference. Session proposals are invited to address how campuses are defining global learning and redesigning courses, program, curricula, and cocurricula to include global contexts for and connections to student learning outcomes.  Priority will be given to proposals that address the “how” and “why” (not just the “what”) of their particular topics and provide evidence that their work is effectively helping all students become global learners.

We look forward to your proposals in the context of any of these five domains.

  • Global Knowledge:  Students understand multiple worldviews, experiences, histories, and power structures

  • Global Challenges:  Students apply knowledge and skills gained through general education, the major, and cocurricular experiences to address complex, contemporary global issues (problems and opportunities)

  • Global Systems and Organizations:  Students gain and apply deep knowledge of the differential effects of human organizations and actions on global systems

  • Global Civic Engagement:  Students initiate meaningful interaction with people from other cultures and take informed and responsible action to address ethical, social, and environmental challenges

  • Global Identities:  Students articulate their own values as global citizens in the context of personal identities and recognize diverse and potentially conflicting positions vis-à-vis complex social and civic problems

Visit the Call for Proposals to find out how to submit a proposal to share your work at this conference.

For more information, please call 202.387.3760, or write to Siah Annand at

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