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SOTL Scholars Showcase

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

3 to 4:30 p.m. in the Pollock Alumni House

Scholarly Teaching Excellence through Peer Support (STEPS) participants report on the riveting research they have conducted regarding on-line and in-class student discussion. The UW System Scholar & Fellow will also share their research revelations addressing student learning groups and multiple ways of learning. 

Scholarly Teaching Excellence through Peer Support Pilot Program Participants

Eric Kuennen & Steve Szydlik, Mathematics

Enhancing discussion in the mathematics classroom

Lively discussions may not be commonly associated with mathematics classrooms, but they are one of the most powerful tools an instructor has to engage students in active learning. In this STEPS project, two mathematics faculty use peer support, including classroom visitation, video analysis and dialogue, to become more effective leaders of mathematically rich student discussions.

Elizabeth Alderton, Reading Education; Eric Brunsell, Curriculum & Instruction and Loretta Mason-Williams, Special Education

Using online discussions to increase student learning

This study explores evidence of student learning demonstrated during online student discussions in courses taught by the investigators. The researchers are analyzing the depth and quality of student responses during online discussions assigned as part of the course requirements in COEHS teacher education courses. Analysis of the online discourse provides an opportunity to better understand how to develop more effective online learning communities and open dialogue.

Recent UW System Scholar and Fellow

Congratulations to last year’s UW System Fellows and Scholars who presented their projects at the Spring 2010 UW System President’s Summit on Teaching and Learning Excellence: 

  • Jennifer Considine, Communication, What Do Students Really Do in Learning Groups? Using Audio Recording to Assess Student Learning
  • Jennifer Mihalick, Chemistry, Student Reflections on Multiple Ways of Learning


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