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What happened to the Center for Scholarly Teaching (CST)?

The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) is the newer name for the CST, reflecting our expanding purpose and services.  While scholarly teaching and the scholarship of teaching and learning are still at the core of what we do, the Center is designed to support and connect to all best practice teaching and learning endeavors on the UW Oshkosh campus as feasible.  Our focus is professional development for the UW Oshkosh teaching community.

How is the Office of Grants and Faculty Development related to CETL?

Initially, CETL/CST began as the "SOTL Initiative" - a UW System funded project physically housed in the "old credit union building" with the Office of Grants and Faculty Development  supporting the fledging effort.  As CST/CETL expanded over the years, we continued our strong connection to the faculty development component of this Unit, sharing staff and working together through growth that led to our physical separation (CETL is in the Pollock Alumni House and the Office of Grants and Faculty Development is is Dempsey 214).  Our intertwined connections continue to evolve, as does our collaborative support of faculty development related to teaching.  Linda Freed, Director of the Office of Grants and Faculty Development, has been a continual support and guide from the beginning of this project...turned "Center."  On many other UW campuses, the teaching and learning center is also the faculty development center.  We are fortunate to have had a strong Office of Grants and Faculty Development (and faculty development fund) in place long before our teaching and learning Center was established.  We are a Unit, and staff in both places can answer questions and direct you to grant and faculty development resources.

How is General Education Reform connected to CETL?

Temporarily (2011-2012), CETL Director (and Communication Professor) Lori Carrell is facilitating the reform effort.  As the the reform recommendations are readied for implementation, administration of the Gen Ed program will need to be determined.

So many acroynyms! How is SOTL connected to CETL?

SOTL is the "Scholarship of Teaching and Learning."  A component of our programming supports this type of research (described elsewhere on the the website).  In addition, CETL emerged from a SOTL Initiative and is philosophically aligned with the principles of SOTL - best practice research informing teaching choices to enhance student learning; teaching as scholarly work; the imperative of collaborative sharing of best practice among the higher education educational community.


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