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Grant & Research Support

Information about grants and research support at UW Oshkosh.

In thinking about how you are going to obtain a grant or how to handle a research or creative project, there are a number of factors to consider. The Office of Grants and Faculty Development can guide you through these considerations and provide support to help you focus on what's important—getting funded and concentrating on your project. 

Some of the areas to think about regarding grants and research include:

  • Responsibilities and compliance issues – Do you know what you can and can't sign? Will you be using human or animal subjects in your research? Do you know how to handle gifts-in-kind?
  • Searching for funding sources – Where do you look for funding sources? What funding sources are available on and off campus? How do you narrow down your list of potential funding sources?
  • Writing your proposal – What should be included in a proposal? How can you write your proposal to be as persuasive as possible and increase the likelihood that your proposal will be funded? 
  • Developing a budget for your proposal – How do you plan for cost sharing, matching funds, indirect or overhead costs and fringe benefits? 
  • Accepting a grant award  – When can you accept a grant award? Who has to sign on the dotted line to approve acceptance of the grant? When can you begin work on your project?
  • Establishing a University account – What's involved in required project start-up meetings? How do you charge printing and postage? What if you need to make purchases with a credit card?
  • Hiring personnel for your project – What employee classifications are available? How do you go about finding and hiring personnel?
  • Reporting the outcomes of your project – What financial and project reports are you obligated to complete throughout the course of your project? 

Our website provides an overview of some of these areas to get you started, but our staff is happy to help you work out the details.

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