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Women’s Sexual Health Needs at Midlife



Women’s Sexual Health Needs at Midlife

It is important for a healthcare provider to recognize the sexual health needs of patients. All too often, sexual health needs of women in midlife are overlooked or ignored by clinicians. There is evidence that once women are no longer of child bearing age, they become invisible to healthcare providers who develop an attitude of indifference to their sexual health by not inquiring about it. The purpose of this qualitative analysis is to examine the sexual health concerns of women during midlife to determine how healthcare providers may better meet their sexual health needs. Personal interviews were conducted with 23 women between the ages of 40-65 years. The data are based on a convenience sample of women from a small rural community in Wisconsin. The preliminary results reflect that women’s menopausal symptoms are consistent with the literature. The results also demonstrate that 80% of women interviewed reported sexual health concerns and only 38% had discussed them with their provider. Study respondents indicated that if providers initiated the discussion they would be more likely to report their sexual health concerns. The study concluded that if a provider added just one assessment question, this could have facilitated the necessary discussion.

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Dr. Cheryl Lapp
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