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SBIR/STTR Grant Writing Workshop, Bioscience Vision Summit and Career Connections Events August 28, 2012
CUR Proposal Writing Institute, 7/15-7/19/12 January 26, 2012
National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) January 12, 2012
Copyright and Faculty Rights Webcast, March 2 & 9 December 16, 2011
Oshkosh Scholar 2006-2014, Articles By Discipline February 09, 2015
"The Emergence of Lloyd Barbee: Wisconsin’s Civil Rights Leader," by David M. Rice December 16, 2014
"The Effects of Chocolate Milk on Subsequent Anaerobic Performance," by Katie Kitzke and Rebekah Sittig December 16, 2014
"The Call of the Caliph: The Effect of the Moplah Rebellion on India’s Perception of the Khilafat Movement and Its Long-Term Effects on the Independence Struggle," by Justin A. Mann December 16, 2014
"An Evaluation of the Factors Causing Food Insecurity in Africa," by Michelle Duren December 16, 2014
Oshkosh Scholar 2013, Volume VIII January 03, 2014
OPID September 30, 2011
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Modeling Spacing Patterns of a Tropical Forest Rodent Using Radiotelemetry and GIS July 02, 2013
Involuntary Sterilization: Past, Present, and Future Including a Case Study July 01, 2013
Environmentally Benign Synthetic Reactions July 01, 2013
Effects of Environmental Complexity and Training on Foraging Behavior and Predator Avoidance of Captive Meadow Voles (Microtus pennsylvanicus) and Their Subsequent Survival in the Wild June 14, 2013
Women’s Sexual Health Needs at Midlife June 07, 2013
Oshkosh Scholar 2013 Cover Art May 13, 2013
Michelle Kuhl September 30, 2014
Dziedzic September 25, 2014
Dziedzic September 25, 2014
Amy September 25, 2014
Oshkosh Scholar 2013 Cover Art Alternate July 11, 2013
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