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Welcome to the Office of Grants and Faculty Development.

If you are a researcher, instructor, academic staff member or student, we can help you discover, plan and implement professional development and research activities. We provide a comprehensive and holistic approach to faculty development and scholarly, research and creative endeavors. By personally working with you on your specific research and project needs, we can help you create a framework that is aligned with your long-term academic and career vision.

Services & Tools Focused on Research

Use our website to explore how you can:

Programs to Support Your Professional Development, Research & Scholarship

The major components that currently make up the Office of Grants and Faculty Development are:

  • Research and Grants Support is available to help locate, propose, submit and administer external funding for your projects.
  • Student/Faculty Collaborative Research and Creative Exploration enables students to ask new and interesting questions and discover the answers within an academic framework. It can open doors to graduate school and can even create opportunities to be published for undergraduate and graduate students.
  • The Faculty Development Fund, which provides opportunities for faculty and staff to further their professional growth and development and improves the quality, diversity and accessibility of academic programs.
  • Research Administration and Regulatory Compliance support is available for faculty engaged in research that is governed by federal regulations such as human subjects (IRB), animals (IACUC), intellectual property management, etc.



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