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Spring 2013 GSTF Awardees

Ryan Bartell, Biology & Microbiology

Adviser: Dr. Gregory Kleinheinz
Title: Analysis of Contamination Trends at Wisconsin Point 2 Beach, WI (Lake Superior)
Conference: Great Lakes Beach Association Annual Conference, Mackinac Island, Mich.

Jennifer Homa, Psychology

Adviser: Dr. Chong Man Chow
Title: Health Implications of Co-Rumination in Friendships
Conference: Society for Research on Child Development Conference, Seattle, Wash.

Stefanie Jochman, English

Adviser: Laura Jean Baker
Title: Professor Bhaer and Mr. Emerson: Jo March's Transcendent Marriage
Conference: Orchard House Conversations Series; Chaos, Cosmos, and the Oversoul: The Influence of Transcendental Philosophy on the Life and Writing of Louisa May Alcott

Kim Lederhaus, Nursing (DNP)

Adviser: Dr. Sharon Chappy
Title: The Pediatric Obesity Project
Conference: Midwest Nursing Research Society (MNRS) Conference, Chicago.

Nancy Olson, Psychology

Adviser: Dr. Phan Hong-Lishner
Title: An Experiment Examining Mindful Raisin-Eating on the Food Enjoyment
Conference: Midwestern Psychological Association Conference, Chicago.

Stacy Priniski, Psychology

Adviser: Dr. Erin Winterrowd
Title: The Impact of Campus Counseling Services on Student Academic Functioning
Conference: Midwestern Psychological Association Conference, Chicago.

Steven Rose, Biology & Microbiology

Adviser: Dr. Sabrina Mueller-Spitz
Title: Sensitivity of Long-term Stationary Cultures of Cupriavidus necator JMP134 to Nanoparticles
Conference: American Society for Microbiology, Denver, Colo.  

Sandra Schaefer, English

Adviser: Dr. Samantha Looker
Title No. 1: Editing in Two Theatres: The Intersections and Divergences between Corporate and Academic Editing
Conference No. 1: National Conference of the American Copy Editors Society, St. Louis, Mo. 
Title No. 2: Singular "They" and Generic "He:" Epicene Pronouns and Feminism in American Style
Conference: Conference on College Composition and Communication, Las Vegas.

Julie Schneider, Nursing (DNP)

Adviser: Dr. Sharon Chappy
Title: Translating Continuing Education for Advanced Practice Nurses into Practice Change
Conference: Midwest Nursing Research Society, Chicago.

Fall 2012 Awardees

Olalekan Aremu, Biology & Microbiology

Adviser: Dr. Toivo Kallas
Title: Metabolic Engineering of Isoprene Production in Fast-Growing, High-Light Tolerant Synechococcus sp. PCC 7002 Cyanobacteria
Conference: 38th Annual Midwest/Southwest Photosynthesis Meeting, Marshall, Ind.

Asbah Hadi, Biology & Microbiology

Adviser: Dr. Colleen McDermott
Title: Effects of Pelicans on Water Quality and Public Health
Conference: Great Lakes Beach Association Annual Conference, Mackinac Island, Mich.

Jennifer Homa, Psychology

Adviser: Dr. Chong Man Chow
Title: Comparing the Importance of the Parent-Child Relationship and Friendship Quality on Depression and Loneliness in Adolescents
Conference: International Association for Relationship Research Conference, Chicago

Brooke Koenig, Biology & Microbiology

Adviser: Dr. Gregory Kleinheinz
Title: Analysis of the Influence of Moisture Content on Biogas Production
Conference: 12th Annual BioCycle Conference on Renewable Energy from Organics Recycling, St. Louis, Mo.

Bhargavi Meka, Biology & Microbiology

Adviser: Dr. Gregory Kleinheinz
Title: Using Traditional and Molecular Techniques to Compare the Qualifications of Campylobacter jejuni in Beach and Water Samples
Conference: Great Lakes Beach Association Annual Conference, Mackinac Island, Mich.

Spring 2012 Awardees

Christopher Groves, Psychology

Adviser: Dr. David Lishner
Title: Violent Video Game Contextual Realism Moderates the Causal Effect of Playing Violent Video Games on Behavioral Aggression
Conference: 13th Annual Meeting of the Society of Personality and Social Psychology, San Diego, Calif.

Kim Han, Psychology

Adviser: Dr. Phan Hong-Lishner
Title: Paying for Treatment or Not Seeking Treatment: The Effect of Perceived Treatment Seeking on Negative Dispositional Evaluation of Those with Depression
Conference: 2012 Annual Meeting of the Midwestern Psychological Association, Chicago

Amaranta Kozuch, Biology & Microbiology

Adviser: Dr. M. Elsbeth McPhee
Title: Effect of Captive Environment on Survival of Reintroduced Microtus Pennsylvanicus
Conference: Joint Annual Meeting of the Arizona Chapter and New Mexico Chapter of the Wildlife Society and the Arizona-New Mexico Chapter of the American Fisheries Society, Phoenix, Ariz.

Steven Rose, Biology & Microbiology

Adviser: Dr. Sabrina Mueller-Spitz
Title: Poster Presentation of Data Collected Towards a Collaborative Nanoparticle Project
Conference: American Society for Microbiology 112th General Meeting, San Francisco, CA.

Sandra Schaefer, English

Adviser: Dr. Samantha Looker
Title: Reviving Singular "They": Contemporary Usage of Gender Neutral Pronouns
Conference: 16th National Conference of the American Copy Editors Society, New Orleans, La.