Graduate Assistantships Payroll

UW Oshkosh graduate assistants are contracted for the fall 17-week semester and/or spring 17-week semester, including both interims.

Graduate assistants are required to be available for assigned work during those periods. Supervisors and students should develop mutually satisfactory work schedule agreements.

Graduate assistants cannot be paid for any additional work beyond those required in the contract. If a student works “overtime” in one week, compensation in the form of released time in another week should be provided.

Graduate assistants are expected to adhere to the course load and eligibility requirements of their contracts.

Pay Check Distribution

Graduate assistants are salaried employees and are paid by direct deposit to the financial institution of their designation.

Graduate assistants having a 34-week, one academic year contract are scheduled to receive the year’s salary in nine equal installments, beginning Oct. 1 and ending June 1. The fifth check (typically Feb. 1) is a combination of pay from both the fall and spring semesters.

Graduate assistants who are issued a 17-week, one semester contract for fall only are paid 4 ½ checks, beginning Oct. 1 and ending with a “half” check on Feb. 1. One-semester contracts beginning with the 17-week spring semester are paid in four checks starting March 1.

The due date for graduate assistant paperwork is the 7th of the month. Any paperwork received after that date will result in a delayed salary payment to the next month’s payroll.


It is important for the UW Oshkosh Human Resources Office to have the graduate assistant’s most current mailing address for purposes of employee mailings, including W2 forms.

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