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Application to Graduation/Certificate Completion

Application: Master's or Doctorate Graduation OR Graduate Certificate Completion OR Graduate Achievement Program (GAP) Completion

General Information/Instructions

(Please read all information before filling out this form)

  • Complete and submit the online form below in the semester you expect to complete a master's, doctorate or certificate/GAP. For the spring and fall semesters, submit this form by the end of the fourth full week of the semester. During the summer semester, complete this form by the end of the first full week of the semester.
  • The official end of spring semester is June, summer semester is August and fall semester is January.
  • A separate graduation/completion application is required for each graduate degree program and/or graduate certificate program completed.  
  • PLEASE FILL OUT THIS FORM COMPLETELY - Incomplete submissions may delay processing. Additionally, you must have submitted Admission to Candidacy, transfer credit transcripts and time to degree extensions, as needed, to apply for graduation/completion.

Commencement Information

  • By completing this form, information relating to the commencement ceremony will be emailed to you. For questions regarding commencement please contact Laura Rommelfanger, Commencement Coordinator, (920) 424-0344 or visit
  • Students completing a Certificate or GAP do not participate in commencement.


When do you expect to graduate/complete?   Select only one.

Do you want your name released to the media? Select one. NOTE: Checking NO does not exclude you from the commencement program. If you have previously requested that information from your academic record not be released under FERPA guidelines, you will NOT be identified in the commencement program. If neither box is checked, the default is YES.

As desired on Diploma/Certificate.
Current Mailing Address
Diploma Mailing Address
Same Address?   Is the address you wish to have your diploma sent to the same as your current mailing address? If so, select this, and there is no need to enter your address a second time.

Undergraduate Degree
Previous Graduate Degree
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