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Distinguished Masters Thesis Option

The 2018 UWO Distinguished Master's Culminating Experience Award, Master's Thesis Option will accept thesis, clinical paper, and field project manuscripts from all disciplines subject to formatting through the Office of Graduate Studies. Students who completed a culminating experience project not subject to formatting through the Office of Graduate Studies are ineligible for this award; please see the Culminating Experience Project Option.  


Nomination Procedures

A faculty advisor or graduate program coordinator must put forth the nomination. The selection process within the program is each program's responsibility.
  1. Each program may nominate up to two students for the Master's Thesis Option. If nominations for more than two students are received, only the first two will be accepted.
  2. The nominee must have been awarded a master's degree during summer 2016, fall 2016, or spring 2017. 
  3. Complete nominations include the following items submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies by September 15, 2017:
    1. Distinguished Master's Culminating Experience Nomination Form
    2. Abstract of the nominated project, not to exceed 300 words, that contains the title of the project and name of the author.
    3. Letter of support from the thesis, clinical paper, or field project advisor describing the quality of the report and/or impact of this work on the field.
    4. One-page resume of the student's professional background.
    5. A statement of learning based on the thesis, field project, or clinical paper supplied by the student.
    6. A complete copy of the final, approved manuscript will be provided by the Office of Graduate Studies upon receipt of all other nomination materials.

Selection Process

Nominations will be accepted until September 15, 2017. A subcommittee of the Graduate Council will review all nominations, and will forward their recommendations to the Director of Graduate Services.

Midwest Association of Graduate Schools (MAGS)

Award recipients of the Master's Thesis Option will also be considered to represent UW Oshkosh at the Midwestern Association of Graduate Schools (MAGS) Distinguished Thesis competition. Two of four broad categories will alternate each year. For 2018, MAGS will accept Distinguished Thesis nominations in the Biological and Life Sciences, and HumanitiesThe categories for the 2019 MAGS competition will be Social Sciences, and Physical Sciences and Engineering.

MAGS Requirements
  • Each member institution may submit one nomination for the award. Each nomination requires the written endorsement of the Dean of the Graduate School or equivalent official.
  • To be considered, a thesis must contain original work that makes an unusually significant contribution to the discipline. It must be in a format the conforms to accepted disciplinary standards, and it must have been accepted as final by the degree-granting institution.
  • Original works accepted by an institution "in lieu of thesis" (such as musical compositions, published books, works of art, computer software, etc.) may not be nominated.
  • The effective date of degree award, or the completion of master's degree requirements, must fall in the two-year period of July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2017, inclusive, for each nominee selected. (Please note: UW Oshkosh's Master's Thesis Option nominees from 2017 AND 2018 will be considered for a 2018 MAGS nomination).
  • The intent of the competition is to recognize scholarship by students who are pursuing their first graduate research degree. Individuals who received a Ph.D. (or comparable research degree) in any discipline prior to the writing of the master's thesis are not eligible. However, recipients of a first professional degree awarded prior to the writing of the thesis may be nominated.