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Distinguished Master's Culminating Experience Awards

The Graduate Council's Distinguished Research Awards Committee offers two Distinguished Master's Culminating Experience Awards. These awards were created to recognize and reward distinguished scholarship and research at the master's level. 

The Distinguished Master's Culminating Experience Awards are under construction, and will not be awarded for the 2017-18 academic year. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Distinguished Master's Culminating Experience Awards:

  1. Master's Thesis Option (theses, clinical papers, and field projects subject to formatting by the Office of Graduate Studies).
  2. Culminating Experience Project Option (field reports, capstone projects, reflective journeys, applied research, etc., that are not subject to formatting by the Office of Graduate Studies).



Graduate Students must have successfully defended their culminating experience project, and officially graduated in summer 2016, fall 2016, or spring 2017. The project must be in a format that conforms to the accepted disciplinary standards, and it must have been accepted as final by the program and the Office of Graduate Studies (where appropriate). Students may only be nominated once.

Nomination Procedures

A faculty advisor or graduate program coordinator must put forth the nomination of the outstanding culminating experience project. The selection process within the program is each program's responsibility. Two students will be selected to receive a Distinguished Master's Culminating Experience Award; one from the Master's Thesis Option, and one from the Culminating Experience Project Option. Students should be nominated for a specific award depending on the type of culminating project completed.

Each program may nominate up to two students for each award. If nominations for more than two students are received from a program, only the the first two received will be accepted. The nominee must have been awarded a master's degree during the summer 2016, fall 2016, or spring 2017 terms. 

Selection Process

Nominations will be accepted until September 15, 2017. A subcommittee of the Graduate Council will review all nominations, and forward their recommendations to the Dean of Graduate Studies or the Director of Graduate Services.