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Remembering UW Oshkosh

Stories of graduate education at UW Oshkosh from alumni, faculty, staff and current students.


"There are so many great memories of my time in the Counselor Education program. The common theme to many of them was how each created a psychological 'bat to my head' turning my world, or how I perceived the world, up-side down. I never left a class taught by Pete Havens, Pat Robertson, Ken Morrison in anything less than a stupor of introspection, and many times all I could do after a class was go home and stare at a wall! Pete helped me face demons with deep care and kindness...and shared friendship as I had never known it over many a delicious coffee from Blue Moon! Pat challenged me to identify my prejudices and those of society over and over including once encouraging me to wear a skirt to the Oshkosh mall; one of the most terrifying things I have ever done. Ken helped me to see my strengths as a 'questioner and quester,' an epithet I initially fought and finally wore proudly. The main philosophy behind the counseling program when I went through was 'you can't be a good counselor until you deal with your own issues.' I can't imagine the man I would have been had I not gone through that program with those outstanding teachers."

David Norenberg
MSE-Counselor Education, '96


"I earned the MA in Humanities with a Speech Emphasis back in 1988. I have fond memories of the core courses in Communication under Dr. Joseph Laine, Dr. Robert Snyder, and Dr. Clay Wilmington. They exemplified the excellence that has long been a hallmark of UWO. These men were proficient, not only academically but as personal mentors. They supervised my thesis writing and administered my oral exams in ways that challenged me to apply principles of the classroom in the practicum of working in my community. As a Pastor serving the Oshkosh community, I am forever indebted to them and UWO for equipping, educating and encouraging me in countless ways."

Gary Cleveland
MA-Humanities - Speech, '88