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University Studies Program: General Education for the 21st Century

Yes, we'll have a video next week!

Teach & Talk
Join us for casual small group conversation in the Pollock House.

TODAY, Tuesday, Nov. 12, 4:30 - 5:30 p.m. Sustainability
Wednesday, Nov. 13, 12:40 - 1:40 p.m. General Teaching & Learning Issues

Quest II Enrollment in Progress
First-year students are currently registering for their spring 2014 Quest II courses. These fantastic courses focus on ethical reasoning. If you talk with first-year students about selecting their Quest II courses, remind them to…

  • Check out the courses and descriptions on the USP website.
  • Meet with an advisor in the UARC (in the Student Success Center).
  • Choose a course pairing in which they will explore a different Signature Question than they did in Quest I (and different from the Quest III course they wish to take, if they have a strong preference).
  • Select a Quest II course that is paired with either Quest Writing (WBIS) or Quest Speaking (COMM 111), whichever course they did not have this semester.

Check Your USP Knowledge (a quick quiz!)

Who are USP students?

  • All first-time, first-year students are “in” the USP
  • Beginning in fall 2014, new transfer students will also be “in the USP.”
  • Within a few years, all students will be in the USP (after students under the “old” general education requirements graduate). 

Is there a new STAR report listing USP requirements?
USP students’ STAR reports reflect their USP expectations; non-USP students have a STAR report that reflects the previous general education requirements.

Do USP courses transfer in and out?
USP courses transfer in or out just as previous general education courses did. Explore and Quest courses are coded with an Explore category that corresponds with a category understood by other campuses (math, lab science, social science, or humanities). For more information, check the transfer area of the USP website.

When do students take the different types of USP courses [Quest(ion), Explore, Connect]?

  • Students select a Quest I course in their first semester, a Quest II course in their second semester, and a Quest III course in either their third or fourth semester. They enroll in “Connect” – the Advanced Composition course that serves as a Capstone for the USP – during the semester immediately following Quest III.
  • Explore courses are taken throughout the first years of the college journey, at the same time as Quest courses.
  • Beginning in fall 2014, all students (USP or not) will take ENG 300 [Connect: Advanced Composition] to fulfill their required “Advanced Composition” course.

Need Help?
For assistance, please use the following contact information:
email: usp@uwosh.edu
website: uwosh.edu/usp

Watch for the University Studies Program Update each Tuesday of the fall 2013 semester!
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