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University Studies Program: General Education for the 21st Century

USP Implementation: Year of the Paperwork

Gratitude to the Registrar's Office

This academic year, hundreds of faculty, staff, and administrators have been working hard to prepare for the launch of our new general education program – the USP. Some of those efforts are public, as instructors facilitate workshops or advisors present new processes. Much of the implementation has occurred “behind the scenes,” as department chairs complete forms, committee members review documents, and staff members process and organize the new curriculum.

At the core of the complex and detailed transition are vital tasks being accomplished by members of the Registrar’s Office:

Marla Krueger, Room Scheduler and Course Catalog Coordinator, is working with Quest I and II pairings, and with all USP courses after they are approved to input attributes, student groups, and other key coding details.  

Scott Johnson, Associate Registrar, is an “awesome trouble shooter” according to others in the office. As PeopleSoft challenges occur, he figures out how to make things work.

Jane Kramer, Julie Kumbier, and Sharon Hybke are the Credit Examiners who are programming all of the USP information into the new STAR. 

Julie Wilkinson, Susan Jaeke, and Chris Schettle have been testing the system to ensure that Odyssey will run smoothly for the first class of USP students.

Lisa Danielson, Registrar, leads this hard-working group and participates in weekly problem-solving meetings with a group known as “The Obstacle Team.” Her collaborative spirit and creative skills have contributed to the forward progress of the USP implementation in countless ways.  Says Lisa, “We are all very excited to be a part of the USP initiative. Gray hair in this office is something of a commonality now!”

~Marla Krueger, hard at work scheduling USP courses~

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