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University Studies Program: General Education for the 21st Century


QUEST III course development workshops were held in January 2013. The first week had instructors spending time learning and sharing ideas surrounding Signature Question content. The second week engaged instructors in the development of the Community Experience that will be embedded in their QUEST III courses, including meetings with potential community partners. 

At this point 31 QUEST III courses are planned, with a fairly even distribution across the Signature Questions. Instructors with an interest in QUEST III course development are welcome to contact usp@uwosh.edu

The following Community Partners have tentatively committed to future students in QUEST III courses:

* Clarity Care * Christine Ann * YMCA * Quest/Lumen Charter School * Oshkosh Area School District * Beaming * Goodwill * Habitat for Humanity * Oshkosh Area Community Pantry * Growing Oshkosh * Day by Day Warming Shelter * Lutheran Homes * Winnebago County Health Department * Lighted School House * Oshkosh North Communities School * Children’s Learning and Care Center - UW Oshkosh * Oshkosh Area School District - Middle School * Campus Sustainability Office - UW Oshkosh * Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources * Cerebral Palsy * UW Oshkosh student organizations * UW Oshkosh Dean of Students Office/Odyssey * Fr. McKenna Center, Washington DC (or similar agency) - Domestic trip * As Green As It Gets, Guatemala (or similar agency) - International trip * Organization of Youth Empowerment, Honduras (or similar agency) - International trip

Next Steps in QUEST III Community Experience Process

1. Site visits by instructors to Community Partners
2. Community Experience development
3. Alumni Mentor program development
4. Community Partner capacity building
5. Budget projection
6. Handbook creation
7. Syllabi draft review (June 14), completion (July 26), and review and approval (September 2013)

Meet the USP Council

The USP Council is comprised of members of the UW Oshkosh campus community who are supporting the early implementation of this new general education program (2012–2014).

Courtney Hawkins, USP Marketing and Social Media STEP Intern

Courtney Hawkins is the Marketing and Social Media STEP Intern for USP. She is a senior from Brownsville, WI majoring in Journalism, so the skills she has learned in the classroom are being put to work in her position with the USP. Courtney is in charge of coordinating the USP Update and CETL Lessons every week, updating and editing the USP website as well as transitioning the USP to have a social media presence. Courtney is very fortunate to have been asked to take this position with such an important and fast-growing program. She is excited to be working with an amazing group of people and help support the growth of this reform in education.

Courtney also holds another position as the Public Relations and Social Media STEP Intern for Student Support Services on campus and is in charge of similar duties. Both of these opportunities have inspired Courtney to work for a nonprofit or start-up in a marketing or public relations role in the near future. She also has realized her passion for being able to educate and advocate for the underprivileged and make their dreams a reality.


Need Help?
For assistance, please use the following contact information:
email: usp@uwosh.edu
website: uwosh.edu/usp

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