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Advising Snapshot
October 2013
This email was sent by the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Faculty Adviser Development (FAD) group in the UARC.


Oct. 1: Last day to add with instructor’s signature
Oct. 4–9: Early Alert grading period
Oct. 10: Email notification of Early Alert sent to students
Oct. 10: Juniors begin registration
Oct. 18: Last day to drop without late drop request form or withdrawal form
Oct. 23: Sophomores begin registration

Advising is a dynamic relationship between a student and adviser. At the center of this relationship is a shared responsibility for the development of a coherent educational plan. The advising model used at UW Oshkosh is referred to as the Total Intake Model (TIM) and is outlined below.

Total Intake Model (TIM):

  • All incoming first-year students (freshmen and transfer) are advised in the Undergraduate Advising Resource Center (UARC)
  • UARC focuses on exploration; 60–85 percent of first-year students will change their major!
  • Front-load, specialized advising services for first-year students; critical year for retention efforts
  • Prepare students for the transition to department-based advising in their second or third year

Faculty Advising/Mentoring:

  • Declared/admitted majors only
  • Advise on major, related careers, all remaining coursework, graduate/professional education mentoring
  • Receive ongoing support from the UARC
  • Establish connections with upper level students outside the classroom when they are developmentally ready to engage

This model works effectively for students in majors and programs where faculty advisers begin to see students sometime into the fourth or fifth semester of the students’ career.

What is required of faculty advisers if their major or program requires faculty advising from the beginning of a student’s career? Here are some topics and issues to be covered by faculty advisers across time:

Yearly Developmental Goals and Student Advising Needs:

  • First Year — Establish connection with adviser and campus
  • Meet student’s individual and immediate needs and gain trust
  • STAR Tutorial
  • Discuss major/minor selection suitability
  • Outline program plan USP/Degree/Major
  • Quest II selection (semester I)
  • Quest III selection (semester II)
  • Referral to campus resources/involvement
  • Course selection
  • Second Year — Establish and refine major decision
  • Confirm satisfaction with major/minor selection
  • Referral to campus resources/involvement
  • Discussion of possible internship/volunteer opportunities
  • Verify completion of Quest III
  • Course selection
  • Third Year — Establish deeper connection with department
  • Student involvement with department activities/work/operation
  • Encourage deeper connections with other faculty
  • Referral to Career Services
  • Course selection — adjustment of program plan
  • Fourth Year and Beyond — Establish graduation and beyond plan
  • Career/Graduate program planning
  • Graduation check

Faculty advisers should refer students to the UARC at any point for major exploration, major change or academic probation issues. If you need additional information on any topic please contact your liaison in the UARC to set up one-on-one or department meetings.

Remember, Early Alert time is coming soon. Early Alert grading period is Oct. 4–9. Email notifications of Early Alert will be sent to students Oct. 10. Early Alert is important because it is part of the University Assessment Plan. This program allows instructors to submit grade information after the fourth week of the semester in order to give students feedback about their performance early on so that academic behaviors can be adjusted if needed.

Student Registration Date Ranges for Spring 2014
Student registration dates can be found on the front page of the STAR and on the Student Services page of Titan Web. If you or your student has questions about registration dates, please contact the Registrar’s Office at 424-3454.

Seniors begin registration Sept. 30
Juniors begin registration Oct. 10
Sophomores begin registration Oct. 23
Freshmen begin registration Nov. 4

University Studies Program
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View previous issues of the Advising Snapshot at: http://www.uwosh.edu/advising/faculty-advising/faculty-advisor-development-brown-bag-series


This email was sent by the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Faculty Adviser Development (FAD) group, 800 Algoma Blvd., Oshkosh, WI 54901.