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New Study: Well-Being of College Graduates
"The national study, which Gallup expects to repeat each year, found that if working graduates remember having had a professor who cared about them, made them excited to learn and encouraged them to follow their dreams -- which Gallup called being 'emotionally supported' while in college -- the graduates’ odds of being engaged at work more than doubled. But only 14 percent of graduates recalled having a professor who did all of those things.

Graduates whose college experiences included forms of 'experiential and deep learning' -- working on a long-term project, having an internship with applied learning, and being extremely involved in extracurricular activities --were also twice as likely to be engaged in their work. But only 3 percent of graduates said they had all six of the formative college experiences that meant they had both emotional support and deep learning."

Rivard, R. (2014, May 6). Gauging Graduates' Well-Being. Retrieved from http://www.insidehighered.com/news/2014/05/06/gallup-surveys-graduates-gauge-whether-and-why-college-good-well-being#ixzz30wDm83rH 

Read the full study here

Commissioned Senior SOTL Scholars projects next year:

  • Enhancing First-Year Student Learning in the Second Semester
  • Well-Being and Academic Life: Relationship of Student Learning to Instructor Well-Being

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