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CETL Lessons from the Center for Excellence in Teaching in Learning

As you head into the final weeks of the semester, remember:
"The thing being made in a university is humanity....[W]hat universities...are mandated to make or to help to make is human beings in the fullest sense of those words - not just trained workers or knowledgeable citizens but responsible heirs and members of human culture....Underlying the idea of a university - the bringing together, the combining into one, of all the disciplines - is the idea that good work and good citizenship are the inevitable by-products of the making of a good - that is, a fully developed - human being."
        - Wendell Berry

CETL Needs Assessment: New Directions, New Website
Thanks to all who responded to the CETL Needs Assessment. Results will be used to determine programming for next year and to inform the CETL website revision, currently in progress. In interim, watch for your CETL Menu of summer and fall professional development opportunities.

ePortfolio Interest?
A new edition of Peer Review by AAC&U focuses on the use of ePortfolios in more than half of America's colleges and universities. Read more here. 

Teaching & Learning Awards:
, Friday, May 2nd, first-year teaching and learning awards will be given at 6:00 p.m. in the Scott Hall Main Lounge.

Register for all CETL events at: uwosh.edu/cetl


Key Initiatives:

  • Inclusive Excellence
  • Global Citizenship
  • Sustainability
  • Assessment
  • Undergraduate Student Research
  • Essential Learning Outcomes
  • Instructional Technology
  • First-Year Experience


Questions or Comments?
Contact Eric Brunsell, CETL Coordinator, at cetl@uwosh.edu.

Watch for CETL Lessons each Thursday of the spring 2014 semester!
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