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Campus Community:

The Chancellor's Study Group on Information Technology has completed its study and submitted the report. The first draft of the report was vetted across campus in public forums and smaller group feedback sessions. The feedback from those sessions has been incorporated into the report, adding or revising descriptions, models, and their pro's and con's. The report also includes information gathered from other campuses, research studies, and published articles on the organization of IT in higher education. 

The report and the information sources can be found at: uwosh.edu/forward/study-groups/csg-information-technology/

The study group is scheduled to present its findings to the Leadership Council on July 29. We welcome your continued input into the different options for organizing information technology practices and resources across campus and look forward to further discussions. 

Thank you, 
Anne Milkovich, CIO
Brandon Heise, Reeve Union
Jakob Iversen, College of Business
Maccabee Levine, formerly of Polk Library
Victor Alatorre, formerly of Residence Life, now in central IT
with first-reader review and revision by Karl Loewenstein, College of Letters and Science

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