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Research on Teaching
Congratulations to the SOTL Scholars who presented during the Provost's Teaching and Learning Summit last week. Attendees noted the high quality of both the presentations and the projects. 

For more information about how to conduct teaching-related research projects, check the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning resource material on the CETL website. Proposals for SOTL research projects can be submitted to the research component of faculty development (Deadline: 12/5/11).

Elizabeth Alderton

Elizabeth Alderton, COEHS
What Matters? Transfer of New Knowledge in Teacher Practice
As lifelong learners, teachers are constantly introduced to new educational ideas, resources, and technology. How does new knowledge transform into a new instructional approach? The purpose of this study was to explore evidence of teacher learning, as seen by the transfer of new knowledge, into personal practice. Results of the study showed strong evidence of transformation of new knowledge and an increase in Web 2.0 technologies incorporated into teachers' professional practice after course completion.

Karen GIbson

Karen Gibson, COEHS
Fostering Collaboration and Learning in Asynchronous Discussion Groups
Online learning has the potential to be highly constructivist and collaborative in nature. This case study investigated the knowledge construction process of graduate students in an online environment when various instructional strategies to foster discussion were employed. Content analysis of the discussions provided insight into which strategies best serve to facilitate collaboration and learning.

Mary Hoefferle

Mary Hoefferle, Art
The Power of Real-world Learning Contexts
In what specific ways does teaching a real-world audience (elementary children) in a real-world context (public, elementary classroom) influence elementary education majors' attitudes, work ethic, engagement in, feelings toward learning, and understanding of art education methods course content? The results from this comprehensive research project indicate that real-world placements for students' practice teaching help motivate them to work harder, generate more enthusiasm, and gain more practical knowledge from the course.

Amy Parrott

Amy Parrott, Mathematics
Pre-service Teachers Understanding of Mathematical Proof
The students in Modern Geometry are elementary and middle school education majors obtaining a minor in mathematics. This study examined the students ability to communicate mathematically through proof writing. Results show that while the students have an adequate level of mathematical sophistication, many still struggle with the basics of writing a proof. Several specific recommendations are made to improve the quality of the students' proof writing.

Mike Skivington

Michael Skivington, COEHS
Holistic and Transformative Experiences in Teacher Education: Toward a More Inclusive Society
This study examines the impact on undergraduate pre-service teachers in a general teacher education program of being holistically educated and immersed in the world of students who are exceptional. Using personal narrative as a core element of the course assessment process revealed that students studying to be general education teachers enter the course with reservations or even fears related to special education.

Judith Westphal

Judith Westphal, CON
Pilot Study on Self-directed Learning Readiness (SDLR) of Graduate Nursing Students
Self-directed learning (SDL) is a student-centered process of learning in which students decide what to learn and to what extent. This study revealed:

  • Graduate nursing students scored above the SDLR threshold.
  • Graduate nursing students scored higher in SDLR than undergraduate students.
  • Mean age of participants was higher; suggesting maturation may affect SDLR.

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