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Applications for Class Speaker due March 8th

Two student speakers will be chosen to represent the graduating class at the May Commencement ceremony. The speakers must be members of the graduating class of June (May commencement) or August 2013. One speaker will be chosen from the College of Letters & Science or Division of LLCE for the morning ceremony. A second speaker will be chosen from the College of Business, College of Education & Human Services or College Nursing for the afternoon ceremony. Both undergraduate and graduate candidates are invited to apply.

Application Materials
Those who wish to be considered for this prestigious role must complete the Commencement Speaker application form. Forms for both undergraduates and graduate/masters students may be downloaded at uwosh.edu/commencement

In addition to the completed application form, each prospective speaker must also submit a draft copy of his or her proposed speech and two references. Speeches should be no longer than 5 minutes in length.

The deadline for submitting the competition application materials is Friday, March 8th.

Selection Process
The Graduation Awards Committee will review applications and select finalists for a brief interview. Finalists will be contacted by the Dean of Students Office.

Coaching & Rehearsal
The graduates selected as class speakers will work with a UW Oshkosh speech coach who will provide guidance on preparing and delivering the speeches. A brief rehearsal will be held prior to the ceremony allowing each speaker a final opportunity to practice his or her speech at the event venue.

Commencement Day
The graduating class speakers will be seated on the platform for the ceremony. They will also receive special seating passes for up to eight guests in the reserved section located at the front of Kolf Sports Center.

Questions? Please contact Debbie Gray Patton, Assistant Dean of Students, at 920/424-3100.

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