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Getting a Job in the Petroleum Industry

This site provides links to petroleum industry web sites, the American Association of Petroleum Geologists web site and e-mail contacts for our recent grads that are currently employed in the petroleum industry.

The petroluem industry is one of the largest employers of geologists. A career in the petroleum industry provides exciting opportunities to apply a diverse range of geologic skills (sedimentary geology, petrography, structural geology, tectonics, paleontology, geochemistry, and hydrogeology) to small and large scale problems involving earth history, sedimentary and tectonic evolution of basins, the stratigraphic and structural architecture of basins and resevoirs, the evolution of petroleum systems, and fluid flow in reservoirs.

Our recent graduates in the oil industry have reported that the oil industry is currently very actively recruiting and hiring geology majors for full time employment in geoscience positions in oil and gas exploration and production. Further, many graduate programs have links to the oil industry and through these links graduate students have opportunities to be employed by oil companies for 2-4 month internships.

Further detailed information describing the petroleum geologist career opportunities, the job outlook, and links to other resources can be found at the AAPG web site.

UW Oshkosh Geology alumni working in the oil and gas industry.

Please feel free to constact with your questions about employment in the oil industry, with questions about graduate school, and fopr tips on resumes / interviewing etc.

Pete Dillett: Production Geoscientist; Chevron-Texaco

Dominic Druke: Shell

Michelle Thompson: Staff Geologist Core; Laboratories

Ben Kessel: Anadarko

Jon Koenig: Anadarko

Kelley Steffen: EMDC-Geoscience; Exxon-Mobil

Major Oil industry recruiting web sites

Exxon Mobil




British Petroleum

Conoco Phillips