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Dr. Brian K. McKnight

Professor McKnight retired in 1999. Brian received the Distinguished Teaching Award in 1984 and the Rosebush Professorship in 1987. He taught honors geology, structural geology, sedimentology, and oceanography.

After retiring from the University, Brian has been an owner and wine buyer for two wine stores, one in Oshkosh and the other in Appleton under the name of McKnight & Carlson. This has taken him to Australia, New Zealand, France, Italy and Germany as well as numerous U.S. locations to taste and learn about wine. He has recently sold his interest in McKnight & Carlson and has retired from the wine business.

Brian is also writing stories that are being published in his hometown newspaper. They are mostly about growing up in a "Huckleberry Finn" existence in the Kickapoo River Valley but in the future will include articles about the local geology of Southwestern Wisconsin.

e-mail: briankmcknight@yahoo.com