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There are many resources and opportunities, both in and outside of the classroom, for UW Oshkosh students in the geography and urban planning programs. Learn more about what the department has to offer below!


Tutor Hours

There are two tutors available for questions regarding the GIS labs. You can find them during the following hours in Sage 4422 -

Mondays 1-4PM
Tuesdays/Thursdays 3-5PM
Fridays 10AM-2PM




Soils Research Lab (Sage Hall 4456) - This lab is equipped with a variety of state-of-the-art instruments and equipment to collect and analyze soil samples and conduct landscape-scale analyses in field settings. In the laboratory, equipment is available to analyze basic soil properties using either discreet soil samples or soil cores and prepare samples for analysis at external labs. For more information, visit the Soils Research Laboratory homepage at:

Environmental Lab (Sage Hall 4452) -  The focus of this lab is the analysis of lake sediment in order to reconstruct past environmental conditions including vegetation and disturbances such as fire.  Equipment includes a Barrington MS2c magnetic susceptibility core logging sensor, pollen and charcoal reference collections, a variety of microscopes, sediment sieves, and sampling equipment for field work and laboratory core analysis, along with refrigerated core storage.

Paleoecology Lab (Sage Hall 4436) -
This lab is equipped with standard laboratory equipment, including microscopes, beakers, scales, etc. This lab is also outfitted with a fume hood for chemical assays.

Rock and Soil Collection (Sage Hall 4430) - The department has an extensive collection of rocks, minerals, and soils from around the world. This is a closed collection, but is available upon request. To request access, please contact Dr. Mark Bowen ( or Dr. Colin Long (

Human Geography Research Lab (Sage Hall 4439) - This lab is home to a number of resources to develop human geography research at UW-Oshkosh.  The lab provides the research space for undergraduate students working with human geography faculty on a variety of projects, including independent studies and faculty-student collaborative grants.  The lab also serves as a reading library for students who can assess a variety of human geography resources in the lab (numerous textbooks, journals, etc). In addition to these functions, the Human Geography Research lab also provides an informal place for majors to meet and study.

Integrated Conservation Research (Sage 4440) - The Integrated Conservation Lab (ICL) in the Geography and Urban Planning Department is organized around the idea that studying conservation takes many forms, and that effective conservation is most likely to come out of an awareness of its complexity. Like geography, conservation combines examination of the physical environment with attention to social systems and the interplay amongst both. In the ICL at UWO, we approach conservation from the perspective that it is based on a diversity of ways of knowing the environment, and ask questions about how those forms of ecological knowledge come into being, are communicated, and used, and to what effect. Current research projects include studying the nontimber forest products being harvested in the city of Oshkosh (student project), examining the long-term persistence of traditional rural biotopes in central Finland (student project), and re-conceptualizing biodiversity through different ways of knowing the environment both materially and theoretically (Barron).

Map Libraries - the department hosts and maintains two map libraries: Vette/Blust Geography Map Library (Sage Hall 4402) contains a wide-variety of maps and aerial photographs, including complete topographic map sets at a variety of scales for the entire state of Wisconsin as well topographic and thematic for many regions around the world; Geography Wall Map Library (Sage Hall 4416) includes an extensive collection of large-sized wall maps.

Geography Teaching Labs (Sage Hall 4408 and 4412) -
the department maintains two teaching laboratories, which can accommodate up to 32 students, and each lab includes five personal computers with internet access.


Clubs and Memberships

The Geography Club is a student led organization whose main focus is to promote awareness of the various Geography disciplines and other Social and Physical Sciences.  Members will have opportunities to participate in research, field trips, various science conferences, social events and other activities.  The Geography Club provides opportunities for students to engage with other students as well as faculty. Our main goal is to promote a fun friendly atmosphere for all students to explore the realm of geography.  The Geography Club is open to all students and UWO community members who are interested in Geography.


Gamma Theta Upsilon, an international honor society in geography, was founded in 1920 and became a national organization in 1931.  The department recently opened our own UW-Oshkosh Chapter of GTU to honor and recognize the academic excellence of our students. See the qualifications located on our Awards and Honors page and check out the GTU brochure to give you a better idea about the benefits of membership. Watch your inbox for information concerning Fall 2014 inductions.



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