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Although teaching is their first priority, the Geography and Urban Planning faculty is also actively engaged in many research endeavors. They have received several research grants from both the UW Oshkosh Faculty Development Program and external sources like the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and the U.S. National Science Foundation.

Students are encouraged to participate in faculty research. Through faculty-student collaborative grants, students have been involved in projects ranging from a study of wetlands in the Winnebago Pool Lakes to an analysis of the air cargo industry in Southeast Asia.


Below, you'll find the research projects the Geography and Urban Planning faculty are working on for this academic year -

Dr. Heike Alberts continues to work on topics related to international migration. Her current research examines the factors international students consider in deciding to study in the United States as well as in whether or not to return to their home countries after graduation. In the recent past, Dr. Alberts has also worked on several other projects, including writing a paper about teaching geography through sports examples and a follow-up on her earlier research about chocolate.

Dr. Mark Bowen
is currently involved in a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service funded project investigating the impacts of conversion of agriculture and climate change on playa wetlands on the High Plains of the central U.S. This research is a mix of field-, laboratory-, and computer-based research. Field work involves surveying wetlands, measuring depth of accumulated sediment, and collecting soil cores. Laboratory work involves subsampling soil cores and conducting a variety of analyses within the department’s Soils Research Lab and preparing samples for analysis at external labs. GIS is also used extensively to map playas, analyze land use change over time, and model sediment erosion patterns. If you are interested in participating in any phase of this research, feel free to contact Dr. Bowen at


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