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Student Awards and Honors

Warner Geiger Geography Merit Award

Given each year to a graduating senior majoring in geography. Grade point average is a key consideration, but faculty members also evaluate students' contributions to the life of the department.

2016 Dylan King
2015 Vanessa Bailey, Dakota Burt, & Sarah Minniecheskie 2007 Jill Malmstadt
2014 Samuel Hebel 2006 Jennifer Tovar
2013 Chelsy Herring 2005 Christian LaRoe
2012 Derrick Lashua 2004 Chris Anderson
2011 Jessica Newmann 2003 Jeffrey Bauman
2010  Tyler Briggs 2002 Adam Dorn
2009  Breanne McDonald 2001 Casey Hutchinson
2008  Justin Meyers 2000  Cynthia Lancaster

Donald Bruyere Award for Scholarship in Foreign Studies

Given to the UW Oshkosh student (not necessarily a geography major) who has completed one upper division foreign area geography course and gained a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of that area.



Brett Lessner Geography
2014 Andrew Pankow International Studies
2012 Will Chaney Geography
2011 Veronica Schoenrock Geography
2008  Joshua Henneman  History
2005  Elizabeth Young  International Studies
2004  Michael Greene  International Studies/Environmental Studies
2003  Elizabeth Janda  International Studies
2001  Kyle Wilson  Geography
2000  Elizabeth Brink  Geography

 Geography Faculty Scholarship

2016 Matthew Severn
2015 Dylan King
2014 Vanessa Bailey
2013 Paige Courtney
2012 Chelsy Herring


Atlas Award

Awarded to a graduating senior who has demonstrated a clear identity as a geographer and has shown significant engagement since declaring the major.

2016 Brett Lessner
2015 Karmen Fielder & Zachery Newton

University-Wide Scholarship Recipients

There are many scholarships offered to all majors throughout the UW Oshkosh campus.

UW Oshkosh Awards or Scholarships that Geographers have been awarded in recent years.

YearAward Student
2014 Daniel Raaf Scholarship Vanessa Bailey
2013 Daniel Raaf Scholarship Sarah Minniecheske

Gamma Theta Upsilon

 Requirements for membership in GTU :
- Complete a minimum of 3 geography courses
- GPA of at least 3.3 overall and in geography
- Completed at least 3 semesters

There are a numerous benefits to membership in GTU, including the following:

- Members are eligible to apply for GTU scholarships (approximately $1,000)

- Membership provides a network where you can become better acquainted with other geography students, as well as meet/talk with geography faculty informally.

- Membership in an academic honor society is evidence of your dedication and competency in your career field.  

- Members can participate in numerous extra-curricular activities as most chapters sponsor speakers, programs, field trips, and/or other social events


Spring 2013 Ross Bartelt, Paige Courtney, Samuel Hebel, Rosalind Lyness, Brittany Martinez, Michael Olson
Fall 2013 Vanessa Bailey, Sarah Minniecheske
Fall 2014  Dylan King, Karee Orrick
Fall 2016 Sierra Edwards, Justin Voss
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