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Overview of Geography & Urban Planning at UW Oshkosh

The Geography & Urban Planning Department offers unique majors in both Geography & Urban Planning, along with a minor in Geography. These fields provide a window upon a world made smaller by advances in telecommunications and transportation technologies, by the integrated operations of multinational corporations, by international terrorism & by environmental hazards that accompany global warming. Studying Geography & Urban Planning enables us to better understand the interaction between these distant forces & nearby places to best solve our world’s problems.

The skills & knowledge that students in these fields acquire are practical & valued globally & locally. Our gradu­ates are able to provide insights into the complexity of the Middle East, ecologically and socially, or help a retailer decide the most cost-effective location for its next store. Some Geography & Urban Planning graduates design models of global climate change & others minimize the negative impact of a new highway on nearby wetlands.  

Skilled Geographers are in high demand across a wide variety of fields such as land-use planning, environmental management, industrial & business location, transportation, car­tography and urban & regional planning. Our graduates have valuable skills & insights to offer employers and pursue fascinating, meaningful careers.

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