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Welcome to the Geography & Urban Planning Department

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Fall 2016 Courses


Geog 102 World Regional

No Pre-req

Geog 105/106/107 Quest 1 courses

No Pre-req

Geog 121 Weather & Climate

Math 103/104

Geog 202 Human Geography

No Pre-req

Geog 213 Population Geography

No Pre-req

Geog 215 Map Reading & Analysis

No Pre-req

Geog 221 Landforms & Soils

GEOG 121

Geog 304 Soils

GEOG 221,Geol 102,110,150 or consent

Geog 313 Geography of Wisconsin

GEOG 102or202 or History 201or202

Geog 314 Enviro.Conservation

GEOG 202, ES 282, or consent

Geog 316 Ethnic Landscapes (interim)

GEOG 102or202 or History 201or202

Geog 331 Geography of Europe

GEOG 102

Geog 363 Biogeography

GEOG 121, Geology 109, 110, or 150

Geog 391 GIS I

No Pre-req

Geog 402 Field Methods (interim)

Study Abroad – Belize

Instructor consent

Geog 451 Advanced Human Geography

GEOG 102, 202, Jr standing or consent

Geog 471 GIS II

GEOG 391 (C or Better) or consent

Geography Faculty Advisors

Dr Heike Alberts

Dr Elizabeth Barron

Dr Mark Bowen

Dr Mamadou YS Coulibaly

Dr John Cross

Dr Colin Long (Dept Chair)

Dr Angela Subulwa

Dr Kazimierz Zaniewski

Urban Planning Faculty Advisor

Dr Edward Miller

UrbPln 250

QUEST III-Urban Sustainability

UrbPln 320 Housing
UrbPln 351 Planning Seminar
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